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Guitar Speed Trainer
Interactive training software to develop kick-ass speed, precision and groove on guitar. [Testimonials]


When you buy the Guitar Speed Trainer you get lifetime updates and support at no extra cost.

No matter what happens, if you ever have any trouble downloading, installing or using GST, write to and we'll help you.

All support is done via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought GST in the past and I need help to install it again

Write to and include all the details of the order that you can remember (name, date, email address used, etc.) and we'll find your order and get you up and running again.

I ordered GST but I didn't receive anything.

The download instructions are emailed to you automatically immediately after your order is processed.

If a few minutes have passed, and still no email, check the spam and the trash folders of your email system -- sometimes genuine email gets accidentally tagged as spam.

If you cannot find our email anywhere, write us at, but when you do so, please include one or more alternative ways of contacting you, such as a different email address, a Facebook page, a mobile phone number, etc. so that if we cannot reach you on your main email address, we may have other ways to contact you.

Can I install GST Professional on two computers?

Yes! You are welcome to install and use GST Professional on all the computers you personally use.

Not only that, but you can keep your training data in sync on all those computers using the [Sync] button.

Do I need an internet connection to use GST?

No. You only need internet access to download the software and register it, and whenever you want to check for updates, sync your data with your own online account, and exchange exercises and messages with other uses.

Otherwise, outside of those specific operations, GST doesn't need and doesn't use the internet.



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