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Privacy Policy guarantees the utmost respect of your privacy.

Personal information

In order to offer free lifetime updates, upgrades and support to our valued customers, and also the ability to install the latest version of the course on multiple computers, with the additional ability to keep your training data up to date on all your computers, our servers maintain users online accounts with the minimum necessary data (name, email address, courses owned, etc.) to perform these functions.

This online data is maintained using industry standard data safety measures against malicious intrusions.

A backup copy of the data is stored offline, so that in the event of major server malfunction we will be able to recover and continue providing updates, upgrades and support to our valued customers, as per our free lifetime update policy.

Upon verifiable request, we will remove all of your information from our database.

Training data

While using the software, as you progress through the courses, the program stores training data and statistics on local files and on the user's online account.

This user data is not shared with third parties without user permission.

Software issues

The Guitar Speed Trainer software does not require an active Internet connection to function, it only requires Internet access to perform the following operations:

  • To register the online account to be used with the software.

  • To download new versions of the software and the course.

  • To do a "Sync", i.e. syncronize your training data between your computer and your online account.

  • To send and receive drills, exercises, and messages to and from other users.

Apart from the above, the GST software does not transmit, receive, or monitor any data through the Internet.

Note: When you click on an email or web link in the program, the program simply tries to launch your default email client or browser.

The Guitar Speed Trainer software does not install, add, remove, replace or modify any system libraries (DLL, DYLIB, etc.) of your operating system.

You can easily uninstall the software without leaving any files behind by following the simple instructions provided in the download page, i.e. here (Windows) and here (macOS).


If you have any questions or special request, please write to:



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