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Understand (and take advantage of) the 21-days effect in order to better develop your guitar playing speed

The development of a new skill almost never goes in a straight line.

It would be nice and less confusing if after every practice session our ability immediately improved a bit more.

In reality, even with regular training, there are good days and bad days, ups and downs, and periods when we cannot tell if we are making progress or not.

As a result, even with an excellent training method, if we don't keep getting immediate results we may lose motivation and give up. When that happens, it's a shame because the method was working perfectly and the results were on their way, if only we had been a little more patient and persistent.

So, how do you know when something is working, and you only need to stick around a bit more to get all the results you want?

The 21 days effect

It has often been observed that it takes about 3 weeks of time for the human brain to adapt itself, to rewire itself in a way that makes a new activity or a new skill feel normal and natural.

Musical skills are no exception, and whenever you start to learn anything new, like a new speed playing technique in this case, you should give yourself at least 3 weeks of nice practice before judging the method, or yourself, based on the results.

Of course, if your training method is great, or at least good enough, you will some kind of improvement every day, or even after every training session.

But then again, it will also happens that, for example, that you will make progress on day 1, 2, 3 and 4, but on day 5 you will feel like you're back to day 1, if not worse!

This happens because your brain is in the middle of rewiring itself and digesting the new material. And it is important to understand that this is not a setback, and there's nothing wrong with you. These ups and downs in the short term are natural and to be expected. Don't let them discourage you!

Keep going for at least 3 weeks, because only then can you have a correct measure of the results that you can achieve with that method.

Afterwards, if you will like the results you got and and wish to get more, you will know for sure how well the method works and how much you can expect if you keep going forward with it.

Bottom line: if you're serious about developing your playing speed (or anything else for that matter) and you decide to use the Guitar Speed Trainer (or any other effective method), then also decide that you will dedicate at least 3 solid weeks of practice to it before you draw any conclusions on how well it works.

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