Guitar Speed Trainer - software course with play-along exercises to develop fast picking, precision and technique.
SUBJECTS: Alternate Picking · Semi-alternate Picking · Inverted Picking · Sweep Picking · Tips & Tricks · The PP Secret · Speed Profiles · Muscle Training · Elbow Motion · Wrist Motion · Finger Motion · The LRB Secret · Single Speed · Double Speed · Chromatic Speed · Scale Speed · Pattern Speed · Random Speed · Burst Speed · Special Techniques · Fingerings · Virtuoso Soloing

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  For Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Players
FAST Learning with Play-along Multimedia Software

Guitar Speed Trainer

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Software & Support

The Guitar Speed Trainer software runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT4/SP6.

If you face any difficulty or have any question about download, installation, or on the use of the software write to

All support is done via email.

Frequently Asked Questions


    I lost the download instructions.

    Click here to have the download instructions sent back to you again.

    I ordered GST but I didn't get the download instructions.

    The download instructions are emailed to you automatically immediately after your order is processed. It is however possible that this email fails and gets lost in cyberspace, or more likely, gets deleted by your anti-spam filters, or by your ISP's anti-spam filters, or even, accidentally, by yourself. So if you or your ISP have any anti-spam filters, make sure you can receive mail from "" and then click here and have the download instructions emailed to you again.

    Can I install GST Professional on two computers?

    Yes. You are welcome to install and use GST Professional on all the computers you personally use.

    Is there a version for MAC?

    Sorry, GST runs only on Windows. You may however look into Windows emulation software for Mac. These are programs that allow you to run most Windows software on Mac computers. Compatibility however is not always perfect, and we recommend testing with a trial version before committing to a purchase.


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