Guitar Speed Trainer - software course with play-along exercises to develop fast picking, precision and technique.
SUBJECTS: Alternate Picking · Semi-alternate Picking · Inverted Picking · Sweep Picking · Tips & Tricks · The PP Secret · Speed Profiles · Muscle Training · Elbow Motion · Wrist Motion · Finger Motion · The LRB Secret · Single Speed · Double Speed · Chromatic Speed · Scale Speed · Pattern Speed · Random Speed · Burst Speed · Special Techniques · Fingerings · Virtuoso Soloing


Guitar Speed Trainer


Guitar Speed Trainer - Professional



Dear Guitar Speed Trainer owner,

As an owner of GST Professional, you can always get the latest versions of the program, but the download and installation method has changed.

While GST used to be an individual program, it has now become a component of a multi-functional software suite called Musician Training Center.

Your GST Professional license has already been transferred to the new system, and the new download instructions are here:

Thank you,
The GST team