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Interactive training software to develop kick-ass speed, precision and groove on guitar. [Testimonials]

Do you want to play FAST?

If you want to develop real speed, precision and groove on guitar, and if you are ready to practice half an hour a day for 3 months, the GUITAR SPEED TRAINER software course is the tool you want.

This is what you get from GST:

  • Correct information: This comes first. Study the Guitar Speed Trainer guidebook and learn what works, what doesn't work, and why. We recommend reading the whole guidebook carefully before starting the training.

  • Extremely effective play-along training method: With tools like the Speed Curve Trainer, you will convert every single minute of practice into real progress -- into higher speed, precision and groove. As soon as you start using GST, the days of practicing long hours for little results are over. Welcome the new days of investing your time and your mental energy intelligently, and of getting all the MASSIVE results that are possible when you use a great training stragegy.

  • Real, fast and measurable results: Use the Speed Profile tool to measure your playing speed in 5 different ways, and watch your own dramatic progress, day after day, week after week. (Note: another critical benefit of using the Speed Profile tool is that after measuring your strengths and weaknesses it directs your training where you need it the most, toward the exercises that will give you the best results in the shortest time.

  • Ready-made exercises and training programme: GST is not just telling you what to do, it also gives you a complete series of ready-made training drills, carefully designed to cover every important aspect of lead playing. Nothing is left to chance, everything is ready to go, only waiting for you to click a button and start playing.

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